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ASCENTIS Level 2 Certificate in Craft and Design

Qualification summary

This qualification enables learners to develop and enhance their skills in craft processes including research, design, making, presenting and evaluating. These skills can be developed in a wide range of craft areas.

Qualification details

OG - Other General Qualification
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Learners from this qualification could progress on to Level 3 awards in Craft and Design or the Ascentis level 3 subject award in Craft taken from the QAA-recognised Access to Higher Education portfolio.
Fine Artist
Graphic Designer
  • 09 Arts, Media and Publishing
    • 09.2  Crafts, Creative Arts and Design
Portfolio of Evidence
Assessment is independent in that Ascentis external moderators, who have no personal interest in the assessment decisions take in centres, verify that the assessment criteria have been met at external moderation.
Candidates must complete both units in their desired pathway.

Qualification accreditation number 100/4410/3 provides pathways to the following qualifications:

OCNW Level 1 Certificate in Craft and Design (Sugar Flowers); (Cake Decoration); (Calligraphy); Dressmaking); (Fashion); (Knitting); (Textile Construction); (Theatre Costume); (Textile Decoration); (Upholstery); (Batik); (Silk Painting); (Millinery); (Machine Embroidery); (Felt Making); (Hand/machine Knitting); (Soft Furnishings); (Embroidery); (Lace Making); (Patchwork &Quilting); (Ceramics); (Pottery); (Metal Work); (Blacksmithing); (Sculpture); (Stone Carving); (Wood Crafts); (Wood Carving); (Jewellery); (Silver Smithing); (Flower Arranging); (Pressed Flowers); (Floristry); (Mosaics); (Decorative Stained Glass); (Multi Cultural Crafts); (Interior Design); (China Painting); (Animation); (Creative Computing); (Web Design); (Photography); (Print Making); (Digital Imaging); (Video); (Paper Crafts); (Book Binding); (Card Making)
  • H/102/6715 - Making, presenting and evaluating a final craft item
  • D/102/6714 - Research and design development within a chosen craft area