Qualification details

EDEXCEL Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Compartment Fire Behaviour Training

Qualification summary

This is a specialised area of training in the Fire Sector. It is regarded as ‘safety critical’ and knowledge and expertise in this area has been built up over recent years. A need has now been identified for a qualification to be produced for fire service personnel, so they can be taught how to react in these specific situations, to ensure consistency and increase confidence in the quality of provision.

This is a qualification for Fire Service trainers to take, to enable them to teach others in this specialist area.

Qualification details

VRQ - Vocationally-Related Qualification
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Progression could be to the Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Emergency Fire Services - Operations in the Community.

Learners may also progress to Edexcel Level 4 BTEC in Instructional Techniques.
  • 01 Health, Public Services and Care
    • 01.4  Public Services
Portfolio of Evidence
This qualification will be assessed by a portfolio of work referenced against each of the assessment criteria in the units. All units are assessed individually. There is no holistic assessment of the qualification.

Centres are responsible for implementing quality control procedures (internal verification). These procedures are supported by an Edexcel External Verification system of quality control and National Standards Sampling.
Candidates must complete all units from group A.
  • A  -  Mandatory
    Mandatory units
    • L/500/4958 - Fundamentals of Compartment Fire Behaviour
    • R/500/4959 - Application of Compartment Fire Behaviour Training
    • D/501/0487 - Application of Positive Pressure Ventilation Training